Sunday, February 26, 2012

From London to Málaga

It's been a long time!!  Over a month.  Sorry about that.  I promise more entries.  
Yes, I did move to Malaga. 
It's really nice here.  There are the beaches and it isn't too cold. But I miss 
Sevilla.  I just love everything there.  It has been a little hard not to be 
there.  But I am excited to explore and get to know a new city.  Meet new 
friends and go to a new school. 
Funny story.  So you know how I'm all Catholic? Yea.  So I 
told everyone that I can't eat meat on Fridays up until Easter.  Their eyes 
bugged out of their heads.  Everyone's 'Catholic' here but no one follows religion.  Well, the majority.  Most of the old people still go to church all the time.  
But idk. I'm me and during lent, I don't eat meat on Fridays.   
Anyway I just got back from a weeklong trip to England.  We stayed with Host Families in Peterborough, England.  I went with my Spanish school.  And we had to go to a few English classes. It was all good.  I passed. Hahaha.  
We had to day trips to London.  The train took about 1hr and 35min each way. I took lots of pictures.  
But I was really Excited too see everything London has to offer.  I saw Buckingham Palace, Chinatown, London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Museums, Candem market and much more :) And we travlled around London the real way.  Using the Subway system.  It was soo cool to travel in the subway system.  They call the subway 'the tube'.  Just like here in Spain we call it the Metro.  
We took day trips to Stamford and Cambridge.  Cambridge was my favorite.  It is SUCH an old university.  I would love to go there, because it looks just like Hogwarts.  Again, I took plenty of pictures.
Cambridge is really FULL of history.  It was founded in the 1200s.  We saw the tree from which the apple fell and hit Sir Issac Newton's head, prompting him to discover the those three laws of gravity which we need to learn in school.  Also, in the library of Trinity College, Winnie the Pooh was created.  I saw books from Medieval times.  A letter describing what one scientist saw at the testing of the first Atomic bomb.  Of course, a few of Issac Newton's notebooks, his walking stick.  EVEN a lock of his hair!!  It really was quite somthing.

A little river winds throw the University and you can go on a boat and cruise down the river and tour the university a different way.  It is called 'punting?'  Basically, it's a gondola from Venice, Italy.  Our guide was a funny chap from France.  He wasn't a student though.  

Also, Cambridge has GREAT shopping.  Touristy things, to expensive marks like Ralph Lauren, etc.  I bought an official hoodie.  I love hoodies :)  It's quite snazzy.  It cost a wooping 25 POUNDS!!!!  What?  That's not bad.  Hahaha my friend, convert the currency.  Not to cheap now, is it?

I learned so much.  

Inside the Cathedral of Peterborough is buried "Catherine of Aargon."  The Spanish queen of England before Henry VIII divorced her to marry Anne Boleyn.  Who was eventually beheaded.  

The 21st of Feb was Mardi Gras.  So the English have a day called 'Shrove Day' but basically it's called Pancake day.  You can just pig out on pancakes.  Because in essence, it's 'Fat Tuesday'  

And yes.  I did have tea time.  Tea and crumpets.  hahaha.  I tried it.  But I don't like tea.  But I ate the muffins with butter and jam.  How healthy.  
No I didn't have fish and chips.  I should've though.  Anywho that gives me an excuse to go back :)
 Oh!  Fun Fact.  Stamford, England is where films like 'Pride and Prejudice' are filmed.  

I'll upload the pictures in a later post :)

Talk to you later.