Tuesday, October 25, 2011

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” – John Steinbeck

Don't you love the title?  It is so true.  So far my journey has led me to some pretty incredible places!!
Since I have left I have been numerous places!!!! I still can't comprehend how much this world has to offer.

-I have been in New York City.  Although I didn't see much.  So that is one of the places on top of my bucket list.  Sometimes, I just wanna live there. Just like the books and movies.
-JFK airport
-the Switzerland Airport!
-Madrid!!! Was a beautiful place.  I didn't see a lot but it felt like Spain to me!
-A Youth Hostel: There I made friends from all over the country! HECK FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!
-I had to take the bus with 3 other girls from Madrid to Malaga to meet our host-families. We traveled down the country.  It was mostly barren countryside.  But there were some interesting sites!  And there was one part when we were driving around a mountain. It wasn't HUGE but if we went off the side, it would be a long wave down.  
-Portemao, Portugal
-Casablanca, Morocco in  Africa!!!

All this and it hasn't even been 3 months!  WOWWZAA

During my youth hostel stay, while over-nighting it with my fellow AFSers in Madrid, I felt that we all became such good and CLOSE friends.  It was comforting to have so many kids your own age, from all over the US and the WORLD, sharing the exact same experience as you.  I felt so at ease knowing that they were all missing home and their families, too.  (Well, maybe not at that moment,  But I now know that more than a handful of them have recently had bouts of homesickness.  Just like me)  It's soooo normal.  In fact, It wouldn't be normal to not have some sense of nostalgia while on exchange for a year!!
- I now have friends from:

Arizona (SCOTTSDALE!!) Right by my grandparents :)
Alaska (Sitka! The town in "The Proposal", my mother's favorite moive :) Yes mom it is a real place.
Kentucky (Chloe is practically the cutest thing on this planet!)
New York, and NYC
More friends from good ole' Wisconsin (What's up Erika :)
Sweden: Hi Will :)
Germany (One of the girls from Germany recently visited WISCONSIN!! More specifically, Germantown and Milwaukee :) How crazy is that?  We met in the Madrid airport, and when I said I was from Wisconsin, she squealed and gave me a HUGE hug.)
Turkey (Two funny guys from Istanbul)  
And of Course Spain :)

So this week I went out with some new friends.  We meet at the metro at 8:00.   I thought to myself, oh my gosh that's late.  But to them it was normal.  I didn't return home until about 12.45ish!!
Man, that was so interesting for mee.

On Sunday my host fam and I went to church and then took a walk around downtown Seville :)

The sweet landmark is called "Las Setas"  Don't they look like mushrooms???
The incredible view of the whole city was breathtaking! Doesn't is look like it's going to rain?
Underneath the building are the ancient Roman ruins of Seville.  This is such an ancient city :) While driving to church I saw preserved Ancient Roman Aqueducts!!!!!!! It is soo different when you're reading about this things in books.  But when I actually SEE the history I have learned about....... Man, I just can't explain this feeling.

Enjoy :)


Beautiful ehh?

Smart Car :)

Modernistic architecture amid the old and ancient.  

What did I tell you?  In a way I can see how some people might object to this modern building obstructing the classic scene.  But  "las setas" has a purpose.  It protects the Roman ruins underneath, it gives you a wondersul view of Sevilla, there is a market, and COME ON!! It looks like a bunch of mushrooms.  

The Ruins.  We didn't have time to see this part.  I will post pictures  when we do get the chance to go.

Oh Hi God, What's up?  

Enchanting... Am I wrong? Didn't think so.

The Cathedral

It did drizzle a little bit!

Walking on top of the mushrooms.

Another Church.  See the umbrellas?  Well we meet friends for patatas (Potato Chips) and drinks after our mushroom extravaganza.   

Maite tells me that in the Spring, you smell the orange blossoms and the incense from the churches.  One: I LOVE oranges.  Two: I absolutely adore church incense.  Don't ask my why.  But it makes me feel comfortable.

Hello people of Sevilla!

Yea, I kinda am addicted to shoes.  

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Romería de Valme

¿Què tal tu día? 
He tenido un día largo. Tengo estudiar mucho.  Pero,  estoy contenta. No te preocupes. :)

Did any of you understand that? I hope so! It counts even if you understood 1 word.  (One word besides 'hola') 

Here is what i said: 
How was your day?
I had a long day. And I have to study a lot.  But I am happy.  Don't worry :)

On Sunday my Maite, Marta, Javi and I went to the nearby town of Bellavista to see the most spectacular spectacle!!!

It is called the Romería de Valme. The Romería de Valme is a small pilgrimage transporting the lovely image of the Virgin Mary from one chapel to another.
Our friend tried to explain what the day meant, but I just didn't understand all of it.  So here is an article I found to explain.  It's in Spanish of course, but you can click the translate button and it works pretty well.  
But there are a few words I need to clarify:
Dos Hermanas = Two Sisters.  But Dos Hermanas is a CITY!  So don't get confused.  They are the two first words!
Please visit this site!  Even if you don't want to read (in either Spanish or English)  Just look at the pictures :)

***** OH! And the picture of the food at the bottom!!!
Well it is Tortilla con Jamón.  Eggs and Spanish Ham.  I learned to make it! Maite is an amazing teacher.  (Thanks!! ) So I made dinner on Sunday.  How awesome am I?

Click on the site to see where our DELICIOUS ham comes from.  Don’t judge something until you try it! 


Here are my pictures: Enjoy <3
Romería de Valme:

short and long. and i have no idea who these girls are.

what the men wore. and the women can wear it too. look@ the middle.

Waiting to see the spectacular procession.

hand decorated

The main pink one held the Virgin. The rest transported the pilgrims.  I don't have that one. Look at the website I gave you.  

WOW! I was SOO close to this animal! aaaa

In the chapel in Bellavista.  Read more at the website!

How beautiful is she!?

The main wagon!

Traditional Spanish

I made dinner!!!  Spanish Tortilla!!!!  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crucero :)

Port in Malaga

As in Antonio Banderas? 

The other ship had a rock climbing wall.

We were having a conversation.  He didn't say much.  

The following are Pics from Portemao, Portugal.  We didn't go to the shore, however.

My favorite


NO, it's going to be an ice sculpture.

A dolphin to be exact.

It wanted to play ball.

My sad attempt at making a towel dog.


The window with the white speck was our room. Yes it is the elephant.  We should have named him.  

Again.  TO awesome.

hmmmmmmmm don't fall!

The Mosque in Casablanca.

It was a little foggy.  

Look at the architecture   


Yea, I tried to be all European.  I lasted.  But my feet hurt after I took them off.  And I got a blister.  But not bad for the first time wearing wedges while walking all around.  self-applause.  

Yay! It's FRIDAY in Casablanca too!

Apparently they have APPROXIMATELY 7 Micky D's in Casablanca.

Look at all the spices.

An African Shipyard.

Everything was in French! Good thing I know like 6 words.  Well I know all the numbers.  But that doesn't count.

cool ehh? Even though it is a garbage truck.

Au Revoir 

Look at the fruit art.  Sorry for the little chubby man in the background.  Everyone NEEDed a picture with them.  Sheesh.

Sunrise in Malaga. I DON'T WANNA GO HOME!

Sunrise and the Moon goes back to sleep.

Our boat.
Well, here are the pictures!!  I hope you enjoyed.  Back to reality.  It was nice to escape and have a great time.  I hope you all are having a great week!