Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is not the end.

Just wanted to send a quick post saying that I am not finished adding entries to my blog. There will be a few more entries to come.

First of all I would just like to say that I am safely back home in Milwaukee.
It has been a crazy nearly 2 first weeks in the States.  I am happy to see my family and friends.
When I saw my sister at the airport I literally got the wind knocked outta my lungs.  Seriously, I started hyperventilating.
I can't believe that my time in Spain ended! I am already thinking about going right back over again.  I am looking for jobs. I am starting a fund! If anyone wants to help out? Haha I am kidding. Mostly...

Anyway, I am keeping up the Spanish. The family I babysit for is from Mexico so today all I did was speak in Spanish. I am watching my favorite TV shows in Spain on youtube.

Being back is strange. It feels like nothing has changed. A few things have. But it's not radically different. I think I might get a bigger shock when I start high school again.  It's been nice to see the huge differences between the two countries I love the most in this world!

I have more stories and pictures.  I just didn't want you guys to be left hanging. Like I said before, I may not be in Spain right now, but the experience isn't over.  There are a few AFS students from Spain who are going to be here right in Milwaukee and the Midwest! Can't wait to meet the girl from Spain who is going to my school this year.

If anyone has questions they would like to ask, please comment below:) I will respond to as many as possible. Which probably will be all if there are any.

Peace. I hope you guys will stick around to read the post-Spain return stories.  And what happened on the journey home.