Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What a Trip

Hello my International Friends,

I am so sorry that I have not written in a few weeks.  I have been super busy with studying and homework.  How are all of you doing?  I hope that all the AFS students who may be reading this blog are all enjoying the second half of their stay! Enjoy it guys, because it goes really fast after you reach April.  Trust me.

So, this post is going to be a long one! **Stay tuned for all my pictures that I took whilst on my mini trip to Washington, D.C.  I have such an awesome time walking around the city with my family.  We visited almost every monument.  And we did it all by foot.  Safe to say that I had quite a few blisters on my feet by the end of the weekend.

We spent 4 and a half days in D.C and that wasn't nearly enough time to fully experience all that it had to offer.  I really can see myself studying in a city like this.  It's international, cosmopolitan, and you can really feel a certain hum in the air.  At the same time, it's also very clean, and the people are extremely nice.  Now, being from the Midwest, I am used to everyone being polite on the streets.  I have heard the rumors about people on the east coast not being quite so personable; however, in Washington, D.C that was not the case. Perhaps it is because of the fact that it is full of diverse people with different customs from around the world that everyone behaves to decently toward one another.  Perhaps they are just happy to live in such a great city.  Either way, I enjoyed my time there.  The weather was sunny and it wasn't too cold.  In addition, I never had a bad meal.  

While I was there, I also had some business to which I needed to attend.  Touring Colleges!  I visited George Washington University, American University, and Georgetown University.  Each university had their own atmosphere and special aspects that separated each one of them.  George Washington has two campuses, one located in downtown D.C (Foggy Bottom) and another farther away from the city, past Georgetown called Mount Vernon.  American University, is located on top of a hill right up the road from the Embassy lane.  American was more enclosed and separated from the hustle and bustle of the city; however it is a well organized campus and easy to navigate.  Georgetown was the last college we visited.  It was a gusty, sunny, yet crisp, winter day when we made our way up to campus.  Georgetown is truly another world.  Quaint town houses line the colonial inspired blocks.  There are tons of shops and restaurants.  Not to mention, the University buildings are absolutely gorgeous.  What an institution!

In all it was a lovely weekend to explore the city and visit a few Smithsonian Museums. We got completely lost a few times in the subway, and also above ground.  I was so grateful to be able to visit my nation's capital and appreciate my nation's history.   

Thanks for reading!  And I will also be taking another small trip up to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) to visit St. Thomas University.  I have a special connection with this area because my mom is from St. Paul, or more specifically, Whitebear. Should be great! Stories and Pictures to come.

Stay tuned for another announcement.  I have another AMAZING TRIP planned with my family! And now, enjoy the pictures from around Washington, D.C!!


Hola a todos mis amigos internacionales,

Siento por no haber escrito una entrata por mucho tiempo.  He estado muy agobiada con mis estudios y tal.  Como vais? Espero que todos los estudiantes intercambios de AFS estén disfrutando estos últimos meses de sus estancias.  Después de abril, todo va a un ritmo muy rápido. 

Esta entrada es algo diferente porque es el primero viaje en que he embarcado desde que me había vuelto de España.  **No perdáis las fotos abajo! Las he tomado en Washington, D.C mientras mi pequño viaje.  Me lo he pasado genial!  Mi familia y yo caminabamos por todos lados en la ciudad.  Visitamos los monumentos, museos, y tres universidades.  Vimos La Casa Blanca, y hemos cenado en unos restaurantes deliciosos.  

Hemos estado allí por 4 y media días y aún yo quería quedar para más tiempo.  He sentido muy comoda en D.C. Puedo verme estudiando en unas de las varias universidades que hemos visitado.  Sientí que la atmósfera tenía un aspecto muy especial. Las tres universidades a que he visitado eran: George Washington University, American University, and Georgetown University.    

El tiempo fue perfecto. Bueno, como es invierno allí también, lo más agradable que podría ser.  Hacía sol pero había mucho viento.  Fuera del sol, era frío.  

En unas semanas me voy a los Twin Cities en Minnesota que esta a lado de Wisconsin. Visitaré sola una universidad, St. Thomas.  Pero esa area es muy especial porque mi madre viene de allí.  Subiré las fotos que tomo mientras estoy en St. Paul.  Después mi viaje a The Twin Cities, os contaré sobre otro GRAN VIAJE que tengo planeado. Gracias por leyendo mi blog.  Disfrutad a las fotos abajo! 


**Remember that if you click directly on the first picture, they will format into a slide show type shuffle.  Then you won't have to scroll continuously.
**Haz un click encima de la primera foto. Es más facil ver las fotos.  
Flying over Lake Michigan
Volando sobre Lago Michigan 

George Washington address.  Only a few blocks from the White House. 

Inside the admissions center.
Dentro el centro de admisiones.

The Marvin Center: Foggy Bottom

Mount Vernon Campus at GW

Elliot School of International Affairs 

George Washington University

Georgetown University


A view of the Potomac River from Georgetown

American University - International Affairs Building (I didn't take this picture)
The White House from the South Lawn. 

Right outside my future office.  JK.

Isn't my sister, Maggie, adorable?
Mi hermana 
Civil War Memorial
Memorial de La Guerra Civil  
At the corner of Alexander Hamilton and 15th St.  
I like this building.
North Lawn of the White House

 Michelle Obama's 2009 Inauguration Gown

My dad giving a Presidential Speech inside the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Henry Clay's Senatorial Chair
(One of the great politians in American History)

A British military uniform from the Revolutionary days.

A 1950's Lunch Counter where many "Sit-In" protests took place.
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz!

A diamond necklace from the inside of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

I'm not sure what building this is, but it's beautiful.
What a lovely day on the national mall. The Lincoln Memorial.

Maggie decided to join a few people doing jumping-jacks.

The Washington Monument from far away.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial
The Vietnam War Memorial

The Washington Monument completed in 1884.

The Capitol. I think this is a great picture for an Ipone5 :)

An areal view of  Washington, D.C and the Potomac River 

Hope you liked the pictures!
Espero que haya gustado las fotos!