Saturday, July 30, 2011

El Primero Hola

I sent my family my first hello! I was so excited/nervous when I pressed send!!!!

¡Hola mi nuevo familia!
Estoy muy emocionado para nuestro año juntos.  Yo quise decir ¡hola y muchas gracias para me escogiendo!  Estoy escribiendo una nota mas detallado.  Yo enviaré el e-mail mañana.

Tambien, ustedes quieren que yo llame ustedes señor y señora? Maite y Jesús? O madre y padre?


Hello my new family,
I am very excited for our year together.  I wanted to say hi and thank you for choosing me.  I am writing a more detailed note.  I will send ti tomorrow.  

Also, do you want me to call you señor and señora? Maite and Jesús? Or mom and dad?

I have a longer note I am translating.  It's fun.  I really, really need to practice my Spanish!!!!!!!!! 

- adiossss

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Host Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have FINALLY gotten my host family information :)

My "new home" is in Sevilla.

I have a father named Jesús, a mother Maite, a younger brother Javi (15), and a little sister Marta (12). Also a little pet Yorkie name Panki.
I am so relieved! This is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I can finally plan accordingly.
The weather, at the coolest, is in the 50s in the early months of the year.  Other than that, it is fair.  Mostly in the 70s and 80s during Spring. But it gets into the 90s  in Summer.  It will be very hot sometimes!

This is their first time hosting so I have to make a great impression.  I represent my family, my parents, my community, my school, my state, my country, and AFS.

They sound a lot like my family.  I already feel comfortable.  (Well as comfortable as I can for now)   They are active, and like to do things with friends. Since my family seems to do a lot, I will get a lot more out of my stay with all the things they do. I will be able to find more opportunities to fit in.

I will go to school by bus.  This is be an adventure. (As will everything be)
I can bring my laptop! So I'll try to update weekly.

They love to travel I guess. And they sound like a lovely family.  I can't wait to be a part.  It will not be a slice of cake,  but with time I hope I will learn and grow to feel just like a family member.

Well that is it for now.  I wanted all of you to know.
Now comes the studying and learning all there is to know about Sevilla :)

Hasta luego


Monday, July 25, 2011

The Spanish Have My Passport!

We took the train.  Milwaukee to Chicago? Not bad at all. 

Downpour? No problem.  There's a Starbucks on every corner.

The great city

Rick Bayless' restaurant.  Some of the best Mexican food I have ever eaten.

Well here are some pictures of our family trip to Chicago for my visa.  
Thank GOD that is done.  All we need to do is go back down and pick my passport up.  It will already have the visa inside.  Is it like a stamp? Or a card?  A piece of paper?  Who cares.  It's pretty much over.  Plus I love being in a big city.  

- We got up really early.  I had to be ready by 7:00.  I would like to say that I was ready but I'd be lying.  I really tried,  still that's no excuse.

- The train left Milwaukee around 8ish.  We were in Chicago by 9:30ish?  I didn't spend too much time looking at the clock.  

- We started making our way to the consulate (which by the way, is only a small room.  I want to say half a pool length? there are a few chairs.  You are called up to the window and go you through the process.)  
But it started to POUR! Our little umbrella couldn't take it. We were all getting soaked.  So we stopped at Starbucks.  And naturally used their bathroom without buying anything.  But about 5 minutes later I got a smoothie.  One of the baristas come out with little cups of coffee for all those who were stranded outside too.  It was nice.  Mom, Dad, Maggs, and I were there for about 20-25ish minutes.  

- When the rain let up we ran to the Walgreens around the corner to get a few more umbrellas. (Of course when we got them we didn't need them after my appointment.) gosh.  byebye!! $30

- The consulate was just a few blocks down.  Like I said before,  its just the first room on the left when you exit the elevator on the 15th floor.  There also was another boy there who I caught saying was going with AFS to Spain.  I will probably meet him soon.  Maybe at orientation?  
* also, when you go to your consulate appointment, have everything in order, every document you need WITH A COPY OF EVERYTHING.  Right next to me there was a lady who didn't have her passport! * 
The man behind the glass (bulletproof) got really aggravated at this lady who didn't have her passport.  It was "stolen" but even then, how did you loose your PASSPORT??  Fake ID is like step two on a murderer's "Get out of America with a different identity" list.  Step one is probably to have a really good alibi so the cops skip you in the early part of the investigation.  

After that, we went to lunch at La Frontera.  A beautiful Mexican restaurant owned by famous chef Rick Bayless.  It's expensive, but totally worth it!!

And of course,  it's Chicago, so we went SHOPPING :)  

We have to go back down in 4-5 weeks to pick up my passport with my visa.  And that will be another story.  

ps.  My mother spotted a famous person.  He's from Law and Order... Old, gray hair,  detective? Well if you didn't guess she spotted DENNIS FARINA.   

I'll write with anything major, like a host family.  (Still nothing.) Still don't know where I am going either.  
Hope you're having a great summer :)


Monday, July 18, 2011


Just about a month and 14 days.
I still haven't heard of a host family! aaarrrrgggg >:[
But I'm waiting as patiently as I can.
Now, whenever I think of what's coming, I get this awful quiziness inside the pit of my stomach.
It's just a mix of nerves and excitement.

I have to get my drivers license before I leave.  This will be fun.  I HATE HATE HATE driving. I detest it.
And I am not the world's best driver, as many teens are not.  But I just don't like operating automobiles.
I just get one try at this test because I won't be here long enough to be able to take it again.
Oh well.  Let's get this over with. I just need this extra form of identification.

I've been away for awhile.  Just nothing to write about.  I'm not just blogging this for my family, and friends, and for the other future AFS students, I want to have this all written down to show my children, and for my future friends and family.  Yes. And most importantly, me.  I'll probably forget lots of things when I get older and I'll want to accurately re-call these lovely moments before, during, and after mis adventuras.

Well I had to go get a few passport/Visa pictures taken today.  On Friday, I'm taking the train from Milwaukee to Chicago.  One of my favorite things to do is take the train. But back to the matter.
I have an appointment at the Spanish Consulate for my visa.  This process is like nails on a chalkboard, and I hear that most countries' visa processes are not as complicated, but it will all be worth it.

Luckily my parents have gone through many processes like this before.  So they are not completely foreign to this.  It's a little more tedious, but not impossible.   Just aggravating.
To any people thinking of going to Spain with AFS!! -----> KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANIZED! EVERYTHING IN A NICE ORGANIZED FOLDER.  Keep every little email regarding the Visa application.  Read everything.  If you're not sure about somthing, ask! ASK! Email AFS, or email me.  I'll be happy to answer questions.  One little mix-up, no matter how trivial in the beginning, can blow up in your face later on.  That would stink.

Anywhoo I hope summer is a happy time for everyone right now. Stay cool. Ill talk to you sometime after Friday :)