Friday, August 26, 2011

Where has the time gone? Where will it go????


What a teenage thing to say.
But I looked at the date....and WHOA!

It's August 27.
Ok this post was written in the EARLY hours of the morning because I couldn't really sleep.  But now I am going to be EXHAUSTED later today.  hahaha that's a silly thing to say.

I leave with my friend Erika on Wednesday morning to New York.  Hopefully this hurricane problem will fizz out and not interfere with my travel plans.

I have been making lists and writing thank you cards non stop!

I even bought my luggage on Wednesday :)  It's a maroon color.  Big suitcase,  lots of room.  But still, it needs to be under 44lbs.  Well maybe I can get by with 45! I mean come on! Hey, I'll just say the scale was off.  When I weighed it, it only said 44 ;)

I have been saying that I am going to spend my year in Spain.  Everyday now, it seems to get more real.  I am not implying that I didn't grasp the whole idea of my not being in America for 10 months.  However, it seems like it is actually going to happen.  I keep saying Spain Spain Spain.  But it will be different when I actually leave on a plane.  I will be like,    SWEET BABY JESUS, I AM THE CRAZIEST 16 YEAR OLD GIRL IN THE WORLD.  ok. ok. ok.  Probs not the craziest.  Let us thank God for that one.

I would like to take this paragraph to thank my parents for supporting me not only financially, but emotionally and spiritually.  I truly am blessed with you two.  I couldn't be where I am today without your care, support and tough but wonderful love.  Thick and thin, I really, truly, and honestly love you.  Ok mom,  please stop  tearing up :)

I want to make many memories.  I will be missing opportunities here.  But HELLO!  I'll make up for that one.

I don't know what else to write, but I just want to document everything I feel and think and experience.

I'm not the type of person who sits down with a pen and a journal and starts to write.  I am way to lazy for that.  I mean I might be able to, but It will just fizz out within a month.  Things like that don't hold my attention for long.

I like the computer, so I will just write my thoughts here.  Where I will always have this to show my future friends and family.  What if this is being read like 6 years from now? HI FUTURE ME! HOW WAS SPAIN!!  :) ok ok ok That was a little spazz attack.  But I mean, come on.  This will last forever, as long as the internet is in existence.

Well,  Here's to my last weekend in America for awhile...........
I am going to go to bed.


Monday, August 22, 2011


Monica and me walking in.  I WAS SO SURPRISED! Ithought we were just going in to say hi to her parents.  But no,  We got all dressed up to go to an Italian resturant, but THAT WAS THE DECOY PLAN :)
Still wanting that pasta, MONICA!!!

My lovely family and friends.

My cousinss :)


Taylor Monica and Lucas 

Hola Aileen :)

Darian :)  

Momma and Reilly

Mi hermanita

Me Monica Lucas and Taylor 

Yesenia Maggie me monica lucas and taylor
WOW!!  What a surprise party.
I walked in and WOAH.  Hi everyone.  It was soo special.

A very special thing for my sister to do.  Muchas Gracias.  I love you so much.

All my friends came and I appreciate that.

Thank you everybody.  You will be dearly missed.

Well I am off to Sevilla next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to officially meet my host-family.
There it is :)  Everyone asks me where it is.  This is my new Home.

I went to school registration because I had to get my picture taken.  And I am glad I did because I saw all my wonderful teachers that I won't see for a while.  And my classmates too.

Should any one want to send me a letter or anything, I will talk to my host family if they would be okay with my putting their address on my blog.

Thanks for everyone who is following me.  I appreciate all of you.

Here are the bigger cities in relation to Sevilla

Here is some architecture from around the city: 

Stock photo of Puente Romano bridge spans Rio Guadalquivir to Mezquita at dusk in City of Cordoba Andalusia
The Puente Romano spans the Rio Guadalquivir and leads to the Mezquita in the city of Cordoba.

The Ruins of Medina Azahara is levels of ancient architecture in the Province of Cordoba.
My family will be visiting their parents so I will spend my first night in Malaga, Spain. 

IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Right on the Beach, Hopefully we will go there very often :) 

I need to pack.  But I will dedicate Sunday to that.  AUGUST 31st is coming quickly.  
I got my visa.  It's all set.  

Yes I am excited and nervous.  
Can't wait to see what's in store for me. 


Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Time is Coming

Well, I am sorry that I haven't written an entry in a while.   I have been super busy just chillin with my family and friends.  But I need to do some research on Sevilla.  I would like to know all the history.  I am such a history nut.

Another thing.  I have to learn to see temperatures in Farenheit and Celsius.  I could memorize the thermometer:

Do math in my head:    C to F:  Multiply by 9, Divide by 5,  Add 32
                                      F to C:  Subtract 32, Multiply 5, Divide 9 

HAHAHAHA yea right.

So I found this cute little rhyme.  I bet a lot of people know it, but I still find it helpful.

Thirty's hot,
Twenty's nice,
Ten's cold,
Zero's ice. 

C to F
30 = 86
20 = 70
10 = 50
0 = 32

Well that's not really a big deal.

What I am most concerned about is the language barrier.  I forget all my Spanish when I am using it to communicate with someone in the real world.  I think it is my fear of making a mistake.  But I will make LOTS of mistakes.  So I need to get over that. 

Funny fact:
I was watching The movie Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  It's an action movie and they have to run all over the world. One of the places in the movie is..................... wait for it................... Sevilla, Spain.  I said it's so beautiful there, wouldn't it be funny if I get placed there?  What!!!!!!? I actually did get placed there???  What a silly ironic thing.

Fun Facts about my host city:   
- Seville enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate
- It is one of the warmest cities in Europe
- Average temperature throughout the year of 18ºC (65F)
-  January is the coldest month
- Summers are quite hot in Seville, especially during July and August when temperatures reach 37ºC (98F), and even 40ºC  (100F) on certain days
- December is likely to be the month with more rain
- Seville is the capital city of Andalusia
-  Located in the South of Spain, Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is one of the largest Spanish cities with over 700,000 inhabitants (Now 700,001)   :)
- Seville occupies the valley of the Guadalquivir river
- This is the birthplace of Flamenco
- The city is where the most amazing Easter processions take place
- The Legends tell that Seville was founded by Hercules
- Julius Caesar gave Seville the status of colony in 45 BC. The surprising fact is that, nowadays, there is little rest of this flourishing roman period.
- In 1248, Ferdinand III The Saint conquested Seville for Christianity. Muslims were forced to leave whereas Mudejars and Hebrews stayed
- A lot of churches were built to replace the mosques
-  Seville became the headquarters of the Inquisition
- The Reales Alcázares is an amazing royal palace built by the Christian kings of Castile. This is the oldest occupied royal palace in Europe, meaning that the king and queen of Spain still stay here when they visit Seville (Spain is a constitutional Monarchy, like England)
-  It is not only a palace but several palaces together
- Seville’s Plaza de España is undoubtedly one of the city’s top attractions. This huge and beautiful square was built for the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929
- The Roman ruins of Itálica are one of the places you must go to when visiting Seville. 10 kilometres north from Seville, this city was founded by the Romans in the year 206 BC and was the birthplace of the famous Roman Emperor Trajan
- The historic town of Carmona, 30 kilometres (18Miles) from Seville, is perfect for a day trip. Both the Romans and the Moors have left their imprint in this picturesque town.
- I got most of the facts from this site and if you also click here, there a lot of photos to see. 
- Maybeyou willplan a trip here!

I am going to pick up my visa in Chicago.  IT'S READYYYYYY!
I need to get a few more things.
And I need to pack soon.

Oh well.  It will get done.

I will write before I leave.