Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pictures so you know a little more about me.

Me, Emmie, and Jimmy on the 4th of July

My mom Mary; and my dad Mark.

Me not ready for the camera and my lovely grandmother

I am the 4th one in from the right. This is my friend's quinceanera 

I love Italy. I took this piture. This is in Venice.

My sister maggie and me

My 100 back swim race. Swim is my sport.

Disney world!! 

This is a picture of Milwaukee from Lake Michigan 

I leave in about two months!

I wanted to show everybody some people, events, and places in my life.  This doesn't begin to explain my crazy, busy life!  But it's a start.

I love Milwaukee and my village of Wauwatosa, but I can't wait to experience a whole new country, culture, and group of friends.

I have an appointment at the Spanish Consulate in Chicago on the 22nd of July.  Finally almost finished with this visa process!  What a long, rigorous task.  BUT! It's all worth it.


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