Saturday, June 16, 2012

Funny the way things all work out.


My last full week of school just ended.  I have packed a box to ship home.  And I have everything organized.  If I needed to leave tomorrow I could.  It's crazy to think that my time here is pretty much almost over.  I have had so many adventures. Crazy dreams and silly conversations.  I have made so many friends and talked with a lot of new people from all over the world.  I am genuinely excited to be going back home. I don't want to leave Spain though either! I have my friends and my family here, but I also have my friends and family in America to whom I need to return.

I'll miss the crazy Spanish heat down here in Andalucia! Sweat rolls down your your back if your outside for only 5 minutes.  I'll miss the incredible shopping. Zara, Stradivarius, Mango, Lefties... I'll miss the ease of traveling.  I'll miss the culture.  I am a southern Spanish girl. Funny because the southerners here in Andalucia have a different accent than those in Madrid or in Bilbao.  Kinda like how people in America can have a southern accent and a New York accent. What I really like about Spain?  Is that there is a concrete culture.  It's pretty typical to sit down to watch a futbol or soccer match here. It's pretty typical to go to the store to buy fresh loaves of bread every morning or afternoon. It's pretty typical to cut off jamon iberico right off the pig's leg.  I love the Spanish atmosphere. During the Spring everyone is so excited for Semana Santa and Feria.  The summer is all about spending time with friends and family and going to the beach or to the pool. The way they talk. It's so beautiful.   They have lovely sayings like, "If you chase two rabbits, Both will escape." They talk loud, and they talk a lot.When I am with someone new, I usually have a quieter voice and someone always tells me to yell because they can't hear me.  I love the sense of familia and amistad (friendship).  I love being able to get away with a few things that we teens can't do in the States. I love Spanish TV. The News has this little jingle that makes me happy every time I hear it.  I love "Aqui no hay quien viva" and "La que se avecina". They are the best shows on the planet.

It will be a little weird to have to do my school work in English.  Ya know?  Even though I speak English here sometimes, I haven't done any important school work excessively in English.  My notes are in Spanish. I usually study in Spanish...

I love that in America everything is different.  Every family has their own traditions. My family has special traditions on Christmas Eve and New Year's.  My family puts a cross our heads with honey after we celebrate the breaking of the bread on Christmas Eve at our house. And My mother always leaves us a quarter underneath our plates on New Year's Eve.  America is made up of different cultures from all over the world. It's a mix. That's what makes my country so special.  I love referring to the USA as "mi país" or my country.   But I love being able to relate and Identify with a whole other culture and country. What's acceptable, what's not. How the school systems work.  What family is, when the meal times are...etc.

Here the people are usually categorized in a few groups. Now I have near and dear friends who are very different from one another but special in their own ways. Here are examples..
- "Los Canis and las chonis" The cool kids.  They usually look like this...

-  " Los gitanos" or a Gypsy
Lot of times have long hair.  They are a very different group of people.
- " Los pijos" Love expensive labels.  Always are perfectly dressed. Not a single strand of hair out of place.  The boys and men with a pretty colored sweater over the shoulders.
- " Los freakis" Those who kinda dress in darkish colors. Goth, rock, punks.
- And there are other groups that still exist.  But just those are the ones that are special to Spain.  I know that they are people like this everywhere, but it's different when you are here.  You just have to come and see for yourself.
I can't even try to explain it.

I know I have changed.  I have realized that I am one person.  Even though some things don't seem to be working out my way and everything is going down the tubes, I know that there is always someone else worse off than I am.  And time keeps moving forward.  It'll pass.  I have accomplished so much. I now believe that life isn't about "finding yourself" it's more about who you create yourself to be.  You understand the things you like, and the things you need, and you work to achieve them. You build your life with the things you have worked to achieve.  It's all about having the right attitude.  I also believe that it's totally OK if you just want to feel hurt, sit down and cry. I am human and I can't be totally put together all the time.  Even when other's think that you should just "get over it" or "settle down" or "rub some dirt on it and carry on."  Just cry and/or feel a little sorry for yourself.  It doesn't matter that you fall down and hit rock bottom. What counts is whether you pick yourself off the ground or not.   That's what matters.  It's getting up.  Shaking it off.  And putting one foot in front of the other and moving on. And not dwelling on the past helps a lot too.

When I touch down in New York I have to catch a flight to Detroit.  After that, I am going home.  Finally. After 10 months.  I have seen my family on skype.  Talked to them.  But I haven't seen them past their torsos. I haven't physically touched them. It will be nice to have something familiar back in my life.  Of course I'll miss everyone and a lot of things here.  But I have had a great 10 months of experience.  I've overcome a lot.  I've picked myself off the ground numerous times.  Ya know? It's funny the way things all work out.



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