Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the Groove

Hey. It's been quite awhile since I have updated my blog.
Like I said before, even though the actual exchange is over, the experience will last a lifetime.

I am currently working on a volunteer application for AFS. I really want to help with orientations and be there for families and students.

I got home on the 29th of July. So it has been about a month and a half since I landed on US soil. So many things have happened. I am constantly talking with my friends over in Spain. I have told the same stories over and over again to family and friends here. Though I never do quite run out of new things to say.  I have a job now! I am going to save every penny for college and travel money!

I have had a great transition back home. Milwaukee is a great place to live and I have the best support system here. My family and friends have helped me get back into the groove of things.

I feel so much more independent and adventurous.

I can't believe that I am going to take the ACT soon. I am looking into colleges or more accurately, those colleges have been sending me 1,000s of emails each day.

... and can't wait for all my AP classes to start giving me mountains of homework. ahhh.

The new AFS students are here! I know there is a Spanish girl going to my school! And I just can't wait to meet all of them soon.

Again. I will write some more post-return entries for awhile. I know fellow AFSer Mary Beth kept her blog going for a little bit, too. It just helps prolong the exciting feelings. Helps inspire more kids. Gives more feedback and advice about the ENTIRE experience.

Here are a few pictures from Spain to Milwaukee.

My best friend Macarena. I spent my last weekend in Sevilla with my friends. Macarena let me sleepover and was the best Sevillano host-family I could ask for :)

I climbed to the highest point in Sevilla and saw the breath-taking views of the city! 

My best friends in Sevilla :) Jesus, Carolina, and Macarena. 

My host mom in Malaga's cat had kittens!
Euro cup! Spain won against Portugal. Poor Ronaldo :( Spain moved on to the finals to win the Euro Cup! World Champs.

My best friend in Spain. Mariam. She is so kind and sweet. I love her. I admit that we both don't look the greatest in this pic. But visit her blog here. She's quite the fashionista! 

Flying into Switzerland! It is beautiful. 

I went to my Grandma's house in La Crosse for the 4th of July. Mighty Mississippi. The 4th is my dad's b-day! 

Milwaukee during summerfest! I was on the sky-glider. Gotta love this city! 

I took a boat tour on the river which flows into Lake Michigan. I snapped this baby right here. Not many people  who live here even do this. My family and I went with Julian. An AFS friend who went to Spain with me. He lives in San Francisco. But he was in Chicago for a few weeks. 

This is my lake up north! I went to my other Grandma's house up north in Land'O'Lakes. Right by Eagle River in Wisconsin. 

My cute dog Darby. She was so tired our first day up-north. 

This is a picture from my first night here! Had a family dinner! I missed my best friend in the whole-wide world. My little sister is the best.

So that is it for now! School starts the 22nd. I have to get to know the girl from Spain who lives right down the street! I can't wait to meet her. I am busy, but I'm just living one day at a time. 

"Sin Prisas pero sin pausa." Not hurrying. But not pausing. 

Adios, Besos.


  1. wow kate, such a beautiful post!!
    i can't say how much i miss you..

    ps: none of us look any good in that pic hahahah

    love you<3


  3. nice post


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