Monday, November 7, 2011

BUT sometimes you need to give a little more than you take. It's just the way life works out.

Well howdy!
It's been a while since I have written. But I only want to write the most interesting things so I don't bore you with every post! That's one of the things I dislike most about bloggers. Some bloggers write about everything and their topics vary so much that it gets boring after awhile. I don't wanna be like that.

Well I went to Cordoba this weekend for a meeting with AFS. I could't wait to see all my chums:) So another post is coming this week!

For a little of this post, however, I am going to talk about how I feel.  Lately I have been posting about what I have been doing.

What's it like to be in another country? Apart from your family and friends? For a whole year?

What's it like to be in another country?
- Well if you were in Italy or France and someone asked you how you felt, you would express your joyous emotions. Only because you are experiencing something and seeing somethig that you would never see back home in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. But what if you had to stay there for 3 months? (with your family) Well I am sure you could manage. What if you're family wasn't there? How would you feel? Let's say you don't Know a speck of French.

Apart from your family and friends?
Well throw yourself into my situation.  No one can ever prepare you for how hard it is going to be.  No one can explain to you the different feelings you will have.
          You will miss your old friends and the EASE of just speaking English, or your first language.  You can express yourself more.  Here, It sometimes takes a while for me to get my point across.  And I always worry if they still like me.   I seriously miss my friends back home but I am really happy to be making such strong friendships here.  (Here's a secret:  THERE IS LESS DRAMA IN MY LIFE NOW.  And I am completely in love!  I don't have to worry about homecoming drama.  Who cares!  I'm worrying about what to pack for my vacation to Africa!  I Don't have to worry about swimming extra laps because someone smarted off to the coach.  I have to focus all my energy on my Spanish homework which is sometimes impossible to do! No girly arguments with the people at school. My stress comes from schoolwork, and a few other factors but I'm just glad it doesn't come from social drama.)

Sometimes I just want to be with my real family, but other days I don't mind being apart from them. I have had them for 16 years before I left, and I will have them by my side for another 16 years and well, for the rest of my life!
 It is so normal.  One day you will feel comfortable living without your real family, and the next you want your room and privacy.  Not that I don't get privacy here.  But I am now in a family with 5 people.
And I really have had to change the way I live.  Or some of my habits.
*If you will be an AFS student: You can't expect your family to adjust to you and your family can't expect you to adjust to them.  Living in a family is a two way street.  You give a little you take a little.  BUT sometimes you need to give a little more than you take.  It's just the way life works out.

For a whole YEAR!???
Well, I have been here for two months.  It feels like 3 weeks!!!!!!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Which by the way: Yes, I have already cried at the thought that I will be away from my family during that time.   But My AFS liaison told me, "You will have many more happy, traditional Thanksgivings to come!" That helps a little, but The feelings are potent.  Things like this are not easy, sometimes it's harder for other, but, you signed up for this knowing that you ABSOLUTELY cannot be with your real family during the holidays.

During the orientation we talked about many many many many things!!!  It felt great just to get everything out. And in turn, offer my own tidbits of comment and advice.
There were only 3 boys and 11 girls.  But we are SUCH a close family.  I am now officially the AFS Mom.  My shoulder is always available and I will always just sit and listen.  But, I am quite sure that everyone would do the same for me.

Cordoba is an AMAZING place.  So different from Sevilla.  But well,  exploring this new place with my AFS chums was just so exhilarating!
- I felt my self so unbelievably happy on Sunday morning When I was walking with 3 other people at 8:30 AM down the EMPTY streets of Cordoba.  I had my lovely friend, Rose from Sitka, Alaska; My super funny but extremely nice friend Oğulcan or San (for short) from Turkey; and my mellow friend Julian from California.  We were on the hunt for churros, but sadly we didn't find any.  But this one lady came up to us and asked us if we knew where the Mosque is.  Well here is where the specialness come in: Niether one of us  spoke Spanish as our first language.  She and her friends are from France, San is from Turkey, and of course you have us three Americans:) BUT were are all from DIFFERENT parts of the country!  Well we were having a conversation in Spanish!  It is truly fulfilling that I can communicate with someone from Turkey and France when they don't speak fluent english!

AND on Saturday, I was talking with San to our chaperon from Cordoba and his students.  We were all from  extremene different parts of the world.  I am from North America, They are from Spain on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, and San is from Istanbul Turkey which is actually the only city in the world located on two continents (Europe and Asia)  But again, we were all communicating in Spanish!  Of course it was discussed why I look like I can speak Spanish but can't.  They were all really fascinated that I was born in Guatemala but live in the Northern part of the USA.

We are getting back together soon!!! Towards the end of November.  We are all bringing a special dish from our country/ city in the USA (most of the kids in our group are from the USA)  I was so sad when I thought I wouldn't see all of them until February!  BUT those fears were quickly qualmed when we discussed the multi-culteral dinner and the pending plans for a Chirstmas get-to-gether :)

I will post the pictures soon :)


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