Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pictures from Córdoba, España

Hello.  Another post with the pictures that I promised you a long time ago.  This was an AFS Orientation in Córdoba.  

- Adioss <3 

Gosh these potatoes.

Lovely tourist shops.  

Down the road. 

By the Mesquita.  The famous religious landmark in Cordoba. 

Another cool landmark. I don't know what most of these sites are called.  Just take a vacation to Spain and travel to 
The Mesquita.  

A main square

San (from Turkey) And me.

Annika, who was born in Swizerland.  But moved to America for 8 years.  But she now lives in Switzerland.  She was only here for three months.  And she left yesterday.  I cried at the train station.  But I love this girl :)

Inside the Mesquita.  There is a muslim mosque.  But in the inside, there is a Christian Catherdral,  It's really quite something.  

Looking towards Mecca.

Christian artifacts.  

The Catherdral

The tower.  

My little Paella.  AWWW. It was ZOO good man.  

OUR AFS group in cordoba :)

Another picture of us at the hostel. My face is kinda weird.  It's a joke between us.  

They had this boss tire swing right in the middle of the hostel lobby.
Me, Noelle, and Jamie <3

Another view of the Mequita tower.  YES I KNOW THAT IT IS SIDEWAYS DAD.  I wasn't going to  fix it for just this one.

Well that is it for this week!!!!!!!  
I hope you enjoyed.  I really love exploring new places.  I really want to see Barcelona and Madrid!! 
Not to mention I really want to go to France.  
Well, I have time.  

-adios :)

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