Sunday, May 22, 2011

Official Meeting

Well today was the mandatory meeting.  There are so many teens going to many places!
My mother said that if I even got a little uncomfortable and unsure about my going through with this, to speak up.

Well I am even more excited.  I understand how uncomfortable and frustrated I will be when I get there, but I like a challenge.

There was so many things discussed, and I really don't feel like talking about everything.

One thing that every AFS participant must understand is there are 3 rules you must never violate:
1. No hitch-hiking.  Yes. No standing on the side of the road with your thumb indicating that you need a lift to get someplace.
2. No driving. Whatsoever. No motor vehicles.  No boats, vespas, old trucks on a deserted farm. No nothing.
3. Do NOT engage in using Illegal substances.  No illegal drugs. They are BAD. And you won't think it's that cool when you are all alone in a foreign jail.

If anyone fails to comply, he or she will be terminated.
These people are not just suggesting.  They are Completley 100% serious.
Don't Mess.

Everybody asked a lot of questions about adjusting to a new culture.  
The answer was that after the initial three weeks of being thrilled, culture shock sets in.  Usually when there is a culture shock there is homesickness.
Culture shock and homesickness are when the student wants to be home in familiar territory.  Speaking your language, eating your favorite snacks and meals, sleeping in your bed, being with your friends and family, and not being uncomfortable and scared.

WOW.  How great.

There were students who either returned the year before or two years ago, and they shared their experiences.
One girl who went to Italy said that she experienced this after 2 weeks but got over it by being with her host family, reading, and taking walks with friends.

I think this will definitely be harder than I imagined.  Of course, nothing worth while is ever easy.

I still haven't heard anything about a host family.  A boy who went to China said that he didn't find out until a few days before he left.  How comforting.  Well, I am just praying that they will like me.

I am representing my country.  I might be the only american they have and will ever meet.  Again, I can do it!


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