Monday, August 22, 2011


Monica and me walking in.  I WAS SO SURPRISED! Ithought we were just going in to say hi to her parents.  But no,  We got all dressed up to go to an Italian resturant, but THAT WAS THE DECOY PLAN :)
Still wanting that pasta, MONICA!!!

My lovely family and friends.

My cousinss :)


Taylor Monica and Lucas 

Hola Aileen :)

Darian :)  

Momma and Reilly

Mi hermanita

Me Monica Lucas and Taylor 

Yesenia Maggie me monica lucas and taylor
WOW!!  What a surprise party.
I walked in and WOAH.  Hi everyone.  It was soo special.

A very special thing for my sister to do.  Muchas Gracias.  I love you so much.

All my friends came and I appreciate that.

Thank you everybody.  You will be dearly missed.

Well I am off to Sevilla next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to officially meet my host-family.
There it is :)  Everyone asks me where it is.  This is my new Home.

I went to school registration because I had to get my picture taken.  And I am glad I did because I saw all my wonderful teachers that I won't see for a while.  And my classmates too.

Should any one want to send me a letter or anything, I will talk to my host family if they would be okay with my putting their address on my blog.

Thanks for everyone who is following me.  I appreciate all of you.

Here are the bigger cities in relation to Sevilla

Here is some architecture from around the city: 

Stock photo of Puente Romano bridge spans Rio Guadalquivir to Mezquita at dusk in City of Cordoba Andalusia
The Puente Romano spans the Rio Guadalquivir and leads to the Mezquita in the city of Cordoba.

The Ruins of Medina Azahara is levels of ancient architecture in the Province of Cordoba.
My family will be visiting their parents so I will spend my first night in Malaga, Spain. 

IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Right on the Beach, Hopefully we will go there very often :) 

I need to pack.  But I will dedicate Sunday to that.  AUGUST 31st is coming quickly.  
I got my visa.  It's all set.  

Yes I am excited and nervous.  
Can't wait to see what's in store for me. 



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