Thursday, December 8, 2011

long weekends


I can't believe it is already December!!  This is my favorite time of year.  I always look forward to Christmas time.  The twinkling lights, the lovely music, the cold, the food, the smell of my mom's roasted pecans, our tree, ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas Movie Marathon!!!  Seriously,  Christmas movies are my absolute favorite :)  Just being with my family and friends makes me happy. 
I guess this year, I will have a new Christmas experience.  I am excited for Christmas to come, but on the other hand, I want it to wait until I go back home!!  But I can't have 2 Christmases.  

I have been starting to dream in Spanish.  Sometimes I am speaking it, sometimes others are, sometimes I understand, sometimes I don't.  It is one of the WEIRDEST things I have ever experienced.  Sometimes there are people in my dreams, who are from Spain, but they are speaking English.  EVEN THOUGH THEY ONLY SPEAK SPANISH.  Boy, I tell ya...

This week we had a LONG weekend because we didn't have school Monday and Tuesday.
We went up to the countryside.  A little Puebla, or Village, called Constantina.  (I think I spelled that right)
Anyways, I love going 'up north' away from the city every once and awhile.  They have this little shop that makes really good hand-made, natural potato chips. OH and also Churros.  

I think school, academically wise, is going to get better.  I talked with my Lengua teacher.  It is absolutely impossible for me to pass Spanish Lit and Language. My other classmates have had 12 years of Lengua class.    I can't even speak Spanish fluently.  So she gave me a website to practice my Spanish, and we are going to talk to the principal on Tuesday.  My other classes are going well.  Except for Physics.  I have a test tomorrow and I don't fell prepared BECAUSE I DON'T UNDERSTAND A THING! Well, lesson learned.  It really was my fault.   I am kinda afraid to talk to my teacher.  I know that it is stupid. And I always need to ask questions. But this next chapter, I am just going to suck it up and go talk to him.  At least, I'll be doing something.  

I really love being in Spain.  I feel that if I had to go back to America right now...... I would be so depressed. I really am trying my best to be apart of this family.  FUTURE AFS STUDENTS...  You really need to communicate with your family.  Always talk.  And sometimes, you just need to shut your mouth.  You might be in a situation where it is best just to listen and nod your head.  Remember,  they can kick you out anytime they want.  It is hard to live with people.  Hahahaha I know.  It's not a piece of cake to live with your real families, so why would it be any easier to live with a host family?????  Even though you try your best, and you think everyone is getting along, somethings are just going to happen. 

I notice how many people read this blog, and I thank each and every one of you.  Those of you in America, Russia, Germany, Australia, England, Spain, and everyone else :) Thanks for caring.  I am glad that I can share my experience with you.  

Alright.  Enough of the heavy stuff.  Let's see some PHOTOS :)   

The meat store.  Uncle mike, you would love it there :)

Just country side.

I helped get this baby going.

Just another walk.

It was really peaceful up in the hills.  

This just made me smile.  I remember when my cousin Annie and I were mad  at each other and then started throwing pine-cones at each other :)  Love ya Annie <3

Yes, the family has a horse.  I tried to ride it.. But let's just say the horse and I didn't get along to well.

Wild pigs all over the place :)  Actually I think someone owns them.  But they are just  all other the place!

The little cottages. 


We took a bike ride on a path.  It was incredibly beautiful.  

I feel like I am looking  back 500 years when I see this old fence.  

Can't be in Spain without having CHURROS :) Dipped in sugar and chocolate. yumyumyum


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