Saturday, December 24, 2011

Navidad en España :)

Merry Christmas! How are you?

Well this is supposed to be a big time for year long exchange students.  Because we have been here for three months.  It is during the holidays and it is normal to be homesick.  Right now, I miss my family; however, I still want to be here in Spain.  It is a strange mix of feelings.

I promise I will post pictures of my high school.  And my friends.
ASAIC. (As soon as I can)

Well just to quickly let everyone know, I moved to a new family.  I'm not going to tell why because that is not fair.  I just wanted to justify why the people and places in the rest of my entries will be extremely different.  But no worries, I am still living here in Sevilla.

I had a great Christmas Eve today.

I will tell you about my whole day!

-So I got up and showered at 10.30.  We left the house at 12.30 to go to a nearby Village called Gerena.  And there our family had a HUGE lunch.  We were visiting my host-mamá's side of the family.  But strangely enough,  my host-father's family is all from Gerena too.  It's just the way things worked out.  So then we came home around 5ish.  
-Then my sister María José and I went outside to talk with our friend Edward.  Later he had to leave to go to his puebla for Christmas.  
-Next, we went to our friend Laura's house. She has a really nice piano and I just plunked away, but I needed my music. mI don't remember squat from memory.  Her house was all decorated because her family (16 ppl!) was coming to her house for dinner.  Well, we sat and talke from about 5.30 until 8.30.  
-Well, then we left to go get ready for dinner.  Everyone was ready and we piled into the car at about 9.00.  But then my host mother said that she left her cell phone in the house.  So my little sister said she could go get it.  BUT all of the sudden she screams and runs out to tell everyone "Papá Noel ha venido"  or Santa came! She's 10 and still believes in Santa and the Three wise men. It was so fun to see her face and excitement!  
-Well then we went to downtown Sevilla for dinner with my host-father's side of the family.  Then yet again, Papá Noel came for the other kids at dinner.  Thus, more presents for me.  
-I got a really pretty scarf, a book, and a sweet computer mouse for my laptop from my Spanish parents.  And my abuelitaa gave me a scarf and really good smelling perfume.  Then my abuelitoo gave me 20 euros.  I was like holy cow man!  I couldn't stop smiling the whole night.  
-It was a very nice day.  Tomorrow is also filled with adventures.  

My new little host sister is 10. Her name is Raquel, she has strawberry blonde hair, and she looks exactly like Dory the Fish from Finding Nemo!
So naturally, I taught her how to do the fish face...
My new other host sister is 16 like me.  We literally are soul sisters.  We love to do a lot of the same things.  But no worries, I ALWAYS make room for the little one.  We love to watch Phineas and Ferb together!  
My host parents are so great, too.  They always want me to give them the kisses before I go to bed.  And my host-father is just awesome.  After dinner, we always have these really deep talks about everything.  It's just nice to feel at home. Ya know?  

A little bit on Christmas here in my family:
Papá Noel comes on Christmas Eve (but not for all families)  He hides the gifts or puts them somewhere special where they are every year (our beds)  And then when we find our gifts we can open them up right away.  At the grandparent's house today,  Santa (aka the parents and the grands) hid them all over and the kids had a mini scavenger hunt.  
-But the Three Wise Men come on the ummmmmmmmmm 6th of January.  And they leave the gifts under the tree and we open them up in the Morning.  

Well I am sooooo tired.  It was a long day and I ate to much.   I'll talk to you all soon.


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