Monday, December 26, 2011

A Different Reality


I passed French.  Woohoo.
But I didn't pass all my classes.

Lengua/ Spanish Lit.                                   1
French                                                        5
English                                                        10
Sciences of the Contemporary World          5
Biology                                                       4
Physics                                                       1  
Philosophy                                                  4
Math                                                          5
Integrated Project                                      6   
Gym                                                          4

So as you can see I failed 5 Classes.  But there is recuperation in all of the classes.  So I can get these grades up.  They are not set in stone.  Although I don't think I can save Spanish lit and Physics.

You know what I have been feeling?  That is is my reality.  Living here in Spain. I knew where I was before.  But my perspective has changed! That this is my real life.  Before when I went to the AFS orientations, I felt that we were just telling the stories of our experiences.  But Now,  I feel that they are the stories about our lives.  I feel like my world has completely changed.  Life in America feels like a dream and life in Sevilla is the reality.  It's hard to explain.
Yesterday it was hard to switch my brain from Spanish to English.  I started talking in Spanish to my family.  My whole family here skyped with my whole family there :)  I was the translator.

But I have a few pictures I would like to share with you guys.
Happy New Year!!!!

There was a cool light show in downtown Sevilla

My host sister and me taking out the garbage.

Me, the little one is Raquel (host-sister) the other pretty girl is Maria Jose (host-sister) and our friend Andres

Me, Maria, Roberto (I like to call him Bert) and Andres

These are my spanish friends........

A sisterly love

- Adioss :)  Feliz año Nuevo!

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