Friday, May 18, 2012

My Crazy Day and the 25 things I did.

Ok this is what I did today.  Pretty Normal stuff :)

1. I got up
2. My mother and I went to go buy 5 loaves of bread at 7.45 in the morning.
3. I arrive at school and NO ONE is there.
4. We run down the hall in order to beat the Math teacher to class.  Even though the first bell hasn't rung.  I was running with my 5 loaves of bread in my arms.  And I am in my suit.
5. I wore a bikini to school today.
6. Biology test.
7. Study hall.  Went outside.
8. The school had Paella day.  So they make little fires for every class to make Paella. Commence Paella making at 12.
9. Our class brought all the ingredients.  Paella Pan.  Rice. Chicken.  I brought the bread.  Then 3/4 of the kids leave.  Me and 3 other friends make the Paella.  Have I mentioned that the chicken wasn't pre-cut?  Learned how to gut and de-bone a whole chicken today :)
10.  Everyone cracking jokes that the American can make the Paella better than the Spaniards can.
11.  My bestest friend Ally is taking everyone's picture with her big official Nikon pro camera.
12. Paella.
13. Leave school to go to beach.
13,5.  So our Argentinian friends just decided to walk around with no shirts on after school in the streets. Ooo Franco y Misa.
14. I almost get hit by a car while walking to beach.
15. Get to beach. Got into water.
16. Mariely goes to Crew.  And Ally, Anca and her sister and I move our spot.
17. Meet little 8 year old girl from Switzerland.  Poor thing didn't have any friends or speak English or Spanish.  So we played paddle and volleyball with her.  I got to use my French!
18. Meet two Americans and talk with them for and hour.
19. Go home.
20. Get home. Shower, take trash out. Eat dinner.
21.  Julian (AFS) and his parents and grandparents come over.
22.  They stay longer than expected (10 until 12.30).  Nevertheless, it was a really fun night.
23. I'm writing this blog.
24. I need to pack for Sevilla because I am going for the weekend.
25.  Go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed my day!  Bio test went well.  And yes, some of these things may seem crazy, strange and out of the ordinary.  Like 5, 8, 10.  But that is totally normal in Spain.  My favorite parts of the day were: 2, 5, 9, 10, 17, and 22.


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