Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sevilla and Paella

Hola :)

How was your weekend?  Mine was great. I met up with my friends in Sevilla.  It felt like I never had left because I know them so well, but people and other things have certainly changed.  Walking around my old town Montequinto felt totally normal.  And being downtown Sevilla once again reminded me of how well I know the city.  I went to my friends birthday party.  I was the surprise so when everyone saw me, I got attacked.  Hugs and thousands of kisses.  It made me pretty happy.  I am going to try to go one more time before I leave.  Leaving was a little bittersweet.  The train however took me through the country sides.  It ranged from little pueblas to rolling plains to sharp cliffs and rivers.  The bright blue Mediterranean sea welcomed me back to Malaga.

Alfonso, me and Rose.  Isn't this a great pic?

We decided to play beauty-shop.  

My best friend Alfonso.  

The Spanish Countryside.  COME ON!  This is crazy beautiful.

I love the train.

Olive trees.

Rolling plains.

Sharp Cliffs.

Old graffiti-ed train.   


Before I left, I told you that we made Paella and went to the beach.  Gotta love Spanish schools :)  
Enjoy the pictures.  Photo creds go to Ally McCarthy, another AFS student here in Spain (We also go to the same school).  Be sure to check out her blog here. (She has this huge professional camera.  So all the pictures on her blog are INCREDIBLE.) Also go and 'LIKE' her facebook page for her photos here. You will be blown away by her amazing talent.
Some of my friends and me.  
Gotta love Spain. PAELLA! 

Me, Mariely, Almu, Anka

 Spain.  The brothers are from Argentina, Mariely's family is from France, Anka was born in Romania.  And then there's me.  

Ally and Me.  What would I do without her?

All right.  That's pretty much it.   Anka, Mariely and I took a walk around the Center last night.  Then we all met up with Ally after her Photography Class and got pizza.   I didn't have school today. So Ally and I spent the day together.  We had a photo shoot.  It was pretty fun.  I posed with a tree.  

Here are some more of her photographs:

Downtown Malaga

Beach in Malaga

Donkey Taxi in Mijas, Spain



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