Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sailing, SEAing, and SLIPPING.

I am zoooo pumped for this post.

Are you?  Do you know what I am going to write about write now?  NO?! YES? MAYBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok.  I'm finished teasing you.


yes.  a. cruise.
(Haha and yes, I did have to miss school. )

"WHERE DO YOU GO!" you may ask.  Well, sit down and closee your mouth because I am about to tell you about my sea voyage this week.

Well on Sunday October 9, we drove down to Málaga.

My family and I went with friends.
It was me, my host-mom, host-dad, brother, sister, and our next door neighbors.  Our next door neighbors have two kids, a girl (12) and a little boy (8-9ish?)
Oh, and Maite's brother came along, too.
So we had a full group.  10 people is quite a lot!!

On the way down to Málaga, we stopped to have breakfast.  And look at what I ordered :)
We usually dip these marvelous babies in either chocolate or sugar. Or both! 

We boarded the ship and took off for Portemão, Portugal!!!!!!!!!!

We had to wait around for the ship to start moving.  But we checked in, ate, went to the pool, tried to navigate the ship, but got lost.

Well, Because Maite's brother was with a group that had a convention? on the ship.  We got to board early.  That was nice to not have to sit and wait around.  I really don't like to wait.  

SO.  Everywhere I go, I can't maintain balance.  I trip on my feet, trip UP the stairs, and well, I can't walk across a flat surface without finding something on which to stumble.
One year I fell on the ice and cut open my lips.  Last year I fell backwards in the locker room and had to go the the Emergency Room for BRAIN SCANS.  
AND. This year I fell on the ship and hurt my knee.  
Stop laughing.  
I was walking and then all of the sudden, my stomach dropped and my plate fell right out of my hands and I went SPLAT right on my knee.  Yes,  all of my weight on one knee.  Gosh it hurt.  
SO I had to ice it.  And take really nasty medicine.  And then I told everyone that I didn't need a doctor, but I still had to go to fill out forms about my accident.  
Well, I couldn't walk yet. AND I HAD TO BE WHEELED OUT, in a granny wheelchair, OF THE RESTAURANT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.     What a day.  UGH Sooo typical of me.  

So, everynight I had dinner with Rafa, my mom's brother, and his friends. (My host-brother was sharing a room with him and their dinner time was only for 16 yr olds and up, so we traded places)  And well, some of his friend saw my accident and, well, let's say that just about everyone on the boat was asking how I was.  Oufff.  Completely mortifying. 
Yes, I got sea-sick.  On Tuesday night the boat was tossing all over the place, and ughh I don't like that feeling.  So After dinner, I went straight to bed.  But that was pretty much it.  I was good otherwise.  

I had my first Cappuccino! Yes, I loved it.  Quite tasty.  

At the disco on Sunday night was a completely crazyy Grandma (probs in her mid 60s or early 70s).  She was dancing and just having a grand old time.  Man, she was partying PRETTY HARD.  Like more crazy than some of the kids my age or a little older than me.  Seriously,  she was tearing the place up.  

Yea, so one day we went to the cafe to have drinks.  And I needed to go to the bathroom.  So I got up, and couldn't find them.  So I asked a staff member where they were.  (yes in spanish) I followed his directions and couldn't find them.  Sooo I went to get my key from my bag back in the cafe.  I went to the elevators.  Which TAKE FOREVER!!  Went from the 6th floor to the 8th floor.  Honestly, I don't know why I just didn't walk.  And then I discovered that I was on the other side of the ship and I had to walk across the whole damn boat.  Well, after a few turns, I could tell that the room numbers were getting father away from mine. (8172) So I doubled back.  And finally found my room.  Did my business, changed from my wet suit.  And then I went back to the elevator closest to my room.  THAT was my fatal mistake ladies and gentlemen.  Because When I got off on the 6th floor, I was on the OTHER SIDE OF THE SHIP from the cafe.  Well I walked all around for about 5 mins and couldn't find my family.  
Don't laugh, but I was kind of panicking! I just was like ohhh shoot.  
But don't worry, I found my way.  And my drink came just as I sat down.  So that was another adventure.    

SO....... you know how in the old black and white movies, the cafe's are dimly lit with smoke rising up from the cigarettes?  Everyone talking in a hushed tones drinking coffee or brandy?  So European?  Well, I lived that.  It was really cool and interesting to feel like I was in 'Rick's Cafe' with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in "Casablanca."
OHHHHHHHHHHHHh speaking of Casablanca.  That was the next stop after  Portemão.  
Too spectacular for words.
The Second night was a "fiesta blanco" Everyone wore white. I think It was because we were going to CasaBLANCA.  Who knows! 
It was really cool to see everyone in white.  
The first night there was a show. In the theater.  The name was something in French.   But It was quite a show.  Very fun.  one part was the "can-can" like in France. Complete with the outfits.  Yea. I'll just leave it at that. 

The second night was the Pirates of the Mediterranean. It was good.  It was more like a ballet though.  And yes, The music was from Pirates of the Caribbean.  

The food! The food was EXCELENTE.So good.  My best meal was the Capresse Salad, the beef, and fruit.  But the beef was just marinated in the lovely, melt-in-your-mouth sauce.  OH SOO GOOD. 

And well YOu can't complain about the all you can eat pizzeria and grille.  The fries were the bees knees.  I had a burger the other day, and well, I'm sad I didn't get another one! haha. 

Well I probs should go run about 500 miles.  There were churros and chocolate for breakfast.  I didn't have them this morning.  But The last two days I did.  Ill post the pictures in the next entry! 
Otherwise this entry would stretch from here to Mars. 

Comment here.  I love to hear from the world.  Whether you be close to me or not, I love to hear what you think.  I will try to answer questions if you have any.  

I miss everyone.  But I am having a great time.  My new-life in Spain.  So different. So interesting.  I'm still adjusting.  Its only been about a month and a few days.  But I'm starting to find a niche.  


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