Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crucero :)

Port in Malaga

As in Antonio Banderas? 

The other ship had a rock climbing wall.

We were having a conversation.  He didn't say much.  

The following are Pics from Portemao, Portugal.  We didn't go to the shore, however.

My favorite


NO, it's going to be an ice sculpture.

A dolphin to be exact.

It wanted to play ball.

My sad attempt at making a towel dog.


The window with the white speck was our room. Yes it is the elephant.  We should have named him.  

Again.  TO awesome.

hmmmmmmmm don't fall!

The Mosque in Casablanca.

It was a little foggy.  

Look at the architecture   


Yea, I tried to be all European.  I lasted.  But my feet hurt after I took them off.  And I got a blister.  But not bad for the first time wearing wedges while walking all around.  self-applause.  

Yay! It's FRIDAY in Casablanca too!

Apparently they have APPROXIMATELY 7 Micky D's in Casablanca.

Look at all the spices.

An African Shipyard.

Everything was in French! Good thing I know like 6 words.  Well I know all the numbers.  But that doesn't count.

cool ehh? Even though it is a garbage truck.

Au Revoir 

Look at the fruit art.  Sorry for the little chubby man in the background.  Everyone NEEDed a picture with them.  Sheesh.

Sunrise in Malaga. I DON'T WANNA GO HOME!

Sunrise and the Moon goes back to sleep.

Our boat.
Well, here are the pictures!!  I hope you enjoyed.  Back to reality.  It was nice to escape and have a great time.  I hope you all are having a great week!


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