Thursday, October 6, 2011


How are you guys doing?  Well, I hope. 
I am doing fine.  I definitely can't complain :)
So as I said before, I have taken note of a few differences between Wisconsin and Sevilla.  Maybe between USA and Spain. And definitely between my life in USA and my new life in Spain. 
(Remember, this is what I have observed.  If you have been to Spain,  you may have been in another part of the country.  If you ever come to Spain, you may notice new things in addition.  If you live in Spain, well, somethings might be odd for you to read, but only because you are so accustomed to the things that are foreign to me. )

·         Cute bug beetles with e.u license plates!  AND I don't believe they play the "punch-buggy" game.I know that whenever they see a "yellow" car someone punches another person.  My friend said  that she got a huge bruise on her arm because someone got so excited once.
·         The beaches.  Ah yes.  The stories are true. 
·         There is usually bread or picos, which are like crackers, with lunch and dinner.
·         Soo many roundabouts. So many.  I get dizzy every time we have to drive somewhere. 
·         Yes, My family has a car.  Two, in fact.  It depends where you live in Spain, or in general, just where you live in Spain. 
·         My host-mom pretty much cooks every meal.  Our family deal is that every Sunday, the lunches are pre-made for the week.
·         And Man do we have a balanced diet. Every week I can expect to have to following at some point on my plate: legumes, fish or seafood, meat, vegetables, and some form of carbs and starches. 
·         What is put on my plate is my dinner.  Same rule for the rest of the house.  It's too much work to make everyone their favorite food every night.  And I agree.   My mom (my real mom) expects that we eat what is on our plate, too. She is not my personal chef.  
·         They open the windows during the day and don't turn on the lights.
·         I feel like stop signs are more of a suggestion.
·         The radios play such random old American songs. The radios always have a few songs in English. I have heard Shania Twain on the radios more than once.  
·         Speed! People want to get where they are going.
·         Stick shift.  I have yet to see an automatic vehicle.  I know they are out there. 
·         Not reflective road signs, but flashing lights too.  Some "stop" signs flash.   Know what I mean?  
·         The babies stay up late with everyone. I guess they sleep siesta.
·         Metro systems are pretty conventional. But I guess they are almost exactly like "subways."  I think that you can use your metro pass for the buses too. It's a scan card.  Pretty nifty.
·         One way streets are more common here.
·         Smoking. Personally, I don't get it.  I just don't like it.  I grew up in Wisconsin (not that it is the only place in the US with heavy smokers) and until the law stating that no one could smoke indoors in public places was passed,  I came home smelling like smoke every time I went out to eat. I can tolerate the people. I don't try to tell them that it is SO BAD for their health. They know that already.  Plus, that would just be RUDE!!!  I just ignore the fact that they are smoking, and have a normal conversation with them.  Well at least I try!  My Spanish is slowly getting stronger.
·         Staying out late.  Most teens need to be home before 12 in the US.  The older you get the later you can be out.  My license states that I can drive from 12am to 5am alone. I need a licensed person over 21. I also think It needs to be someone in my family.  
·         Toques. I think that's how to spell it?  Anyways, someone dials your number, lets it ring for like 2 seconds, then hangs up. It's an efficient way to contact someone without spending any money.  The call didn't 'connect' since the person didn't actually press the talk button.  And no text was sent.  But the person still knows that 'so-and-so' is telling them something.
·         Longer skinnier pieces of paper.  The standard in America in 8x10.  My notebooks are longer and skinnier.  Only slightly.  It’s not like a twig.
·         Crew cuts and gel.  a.k.a "Mike the Situation haircuts" for the boys are quite popular. Quite. 
·         Elementary, high schools Grading system: 1-10 ---
Spain uses a 10-point grading scale for elementary and high schools:
·         9.0-10 is the best possible grade and is called "sobresaliente" ("outstanding"). A 10 grade may also include a distinction called "Matrícula de Honor" or "Mención de Honor," but usually only a limited number of students per group may benefit from it. Distinctions may imply tuition waivers for the following course.
·         7-8.9 is called "notable" ("very good"). Sometimes a distinction is made between "notable bajo" (low outstanding) and "notable alto" (almost outstanding).
·         6-6.9 is called "bien" ("good").
·         5-5.9 is the lowest passing grade and is called "suficiente" ("sufficient").
·         3-4.9 is called "insuficiente" ("insufficient").
·         0-2.9 is the lowest possible grade and is called "muy deficiente" (literally translated as "very deficient").
·         The term "suspenso" ("fail") includes both "insuficiente" and "muy deficiente".
·         from Wikipedia
0-4.9 you failed
5-8.9 you passed
9-10 you’re a freaking genius. 
Well, I am doing fine.
I have a surprise story to tell you all after the weekend.  Some people may know what my next    blog is going to be about.  But for those who don't know...Well, make sure you're following me :)


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