Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Cayetano Riveras is a very famous torero, or a bullfighter.  Plus, he is super guapo.  

I find these little mini white vans with no windows VERY suspicious.  No me gusta... haha

All ya see is smart cars here.  Well not really,  but there are a lot of them  here!

Christiano Ronaldo... sin camiesta.  Need I say more?  I think I might like Real Madrid better than Barcelona.  But it changes everyday.  Maybe  tomorrow will be different.

My best friends here.  Laura, Roberto, and Alfonso.  

My boys.  Me, Alvaro, and Carlos :)

This was so not nice.  They put the shoe were I couldn't get it.  

Well, this has a little truth to it...  It's very accurate for some kids.  Not me though !  ummmmm...

Shoe people!  

My little cousin Marta's birthday :)  She turned 5.

I could not survive without my darling Noelle.  She is with AFS, too.  She comes from Tucson, AZ.  Well, at least my grandparents live in Arizona, too!  She acutally lives no more than 1 hour away from them :)  And her mother is from Wisconsin... WHAT A SMALL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Noelle and I went shopping...

I had to share some pictures.  

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2012 is going to be awesome!
I had the privilege of partaking in the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the year.  Someone told me that 12 grapes means 12 wishes :)  Let's hope I wish for the right things!
wonder how many kids end up in the hospital due to choking...... 
This year was great, and my life has changed so much. I feel stronger, ready for whatever life brings me, I feel more spirited, and most importantly, I feel happy.

My new year's resolution?  Well here ya go:

"I will work very hard this year and try my hardest not to procrastinate.  I will hit the books hard, because they don't hit back :) I will get a sufficient about of sleep and exercise.  I will speak Spanish"

I have been here for about 4 months.  I feel a great improvement in my Spanish.  There is still a looooooongg way to go.  However, I have made it this far.  I'm not about to leave without being fluent.  

Gosh,  tomorrow is Los Reyes. Or the three kings day!  More presents.  This Christmas spirit here doesn't end until around the 6th :)  Joy to the world, peace on Earth!



  1. ahahahaa is the first picture from an ad at like a bus stop?¿?¿? hehe i have a picture with a friend by it in madrid, they were all over the place xD

  2. Hi Mary Beth! Yes Yes it is! How are you doing?


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