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A historical overview of Andalucia, Spain :)

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 The soccer (futbol) match:  Betis FC v. Sevilla FC
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I am going to write about how rich and wonderful the southern region of Spain is, Andalucia.  I hope you enjoy learning about this wonderful place as much as I have.

The Beginnings

The neanderthals are known to have lived on the Rock of Gibraltar approximately 50,000 years ago.  Around  8,000 BC tribes of Northern Africa established farming settlements throughout the region.  Today,  these people are known as the Iberians.  The Coast of Andalucia was extensively settled by the Phoenicians, who also established a long chain of trading posts.  The sea port of Cadiz was founded 1,100 B.C, which makes it the OLDEST city in not only Spain, but, in Europe.
The Romans invaded the Iberian peninsula around 206 BC during the time of their struggle against Carthage.  They soon transformed Andalucia into one of their richest and well organized colonies, which they called Betis.  Hence, the Betis Futbol Club here in Sevilla.  GOO BETIS.
The Romans sailed inland on the river, now called the Guadalquivir, to Cordoba.  Under the Romans, during the 4th century,  Spain became a Christian country, and the Spanish Language began to take its current shape.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire,  Andalucia endured a wave of barbarian invaders coming from Northern Europe.  The Visigoths eventually left a large impression on Andalucia.  The warlike people reigned for over two chaotic centuries.

Then the Moors conquered the area.  The Moors made the region their home for over 8 centuries.  They infused the land with rich traditions and a potent culture.  They permanently marked Andalucia with their cultural legacy; indications of which can still be spotted in numerous places all over Andalucia.  I have posted pictures in the previous blog of the Mosque in Cordoba.  And also the legendary Alhambra Palace in Granada.  (I'm visiting there soon :)

Andalucia was the launching point for the discovery of America and Sevilla became the main port for the imports of gold from the New World during the 16th and 17th centuries.
The documents and the gold brought back by Columbus can be viewed in the museums here in Sevilla. 

For centuries analysts and chroniclers gave the honor of Seville's foundingto that most popular of mythical heroes, Hercules. He supposedly marked 6 columns on the spot where Julius Caesar would later found the city of Sevilla. Subsequent historical researches into the founding of Seville have to this day been unable to correct this popular belief in Seville's mythical origins to such an extent that it is celebrated in a popular verse:

"Raised by Hercules,
Julius Caesar fortified me,
with high walls and towers,
I was conquered for the king
of heaven by Garcí Pérez de Vargas" 

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