Monday, January 9, 2012

Más Fotos de las Cabalgatas en Montequinto y Gerena

Hello all!
Can you believe that it is already the 9th of January?  My gosh the year just started.  Ten days down...

Here are more pictures from the other two Parades for the 3 Kings, Gerena (pronounced Her-ena)  and Montequinto.

Enjoy :)


Look at all the people!!

The 'star' starts the beginning of every Cabalgata.  

Tractors  pulling the floats. hmm, I feel more at home.  

"Paris Hilton themed"


The world has an obsession with Hello Kitty right now. 

Yes you can!


The Star

The people again.

Pretty, no?

Hola Mari :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little Spanish Tradition.

I'm going to start working on a special post explaining why Andalucia is the best place to be in Spain in my opinion.  It really is full of history.   Especially Sevilla.  I really lucked out being placed here.


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