Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cambridge, England

I go to Hogwarts.  

We called him  Señor Pingüino .  

Right by the door of honors.  The students have to walk through this door to get their diplomas .

For my friend, Clare Procknow.  They even spelled your name right.  But You can't really do anything interesting here.  I mean come on!  No Dogs or Picnics?  I'm out! 

Take a cruise on a gondola.

The boys and me
Cambridge.  Really a beautiful place.  Founded around the mid  1200s.  Really good shopping too!

This is a clock.

My College! 

The apple tree which Sir Issac Newton was sitting under when the apple fell and hit  his head.  

Aren't they the cutest?

They were singing.  

Our guide, Louis was from France.  

Patrick.  One of the teachers with our school.  He had the most adorable English Accent ever.  

OK.  We are for sure in Hogwarts.  Look at this teacher!  Too awesome.

I will upload pictures from Peterborough and London soon!!  


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