Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wow! More than Halfway through my Year.

WOW.  It's almost already the middle of March.  It has been a long time since we have spoken.  

I am having a good time here.  Sometimes it's still difficult, but I am glad I have this opportunity.  It's my year to learn and grow.  I feel as I have changed so much these past 6 months!!  I can't wait to share my stories with everyone when I get back.  And I also hope I inspire others to study abroad. 

Here in Europe it's better to give to the charities. If you give to the charities then you know that your money is going to the right causes. I am going on a Spiritual Retreat over Semana Santa, or Holy week here in Spain. 'El Camino de Santiago' in the North of Spain, Perhaps you might have heard of it.  If not, that's ok.  Did you know in older times, that a criminal could complete this journey and be pardoned of his crimes by the Church and by the government?  
It's exactly like a pilgrimage.  Only a backpack for your belongings.  hmmm. This will be interesting.  Well, I still will come home so I can see some of Semana Santa in Malaga.  Who KNOWS!?  Maybe i'll even see Antonio Banderas...  He's from Malaga, Spain.  

I'll include some pictures of London.  I had so much fun.  I really want to go back.  We didn't have as much time as I would've liked to have had.  We didn't stay in London.  We stayed in a town called Peterborough.  It's about an 1hr and a half train ride to and fro.  I stayed with a really nice host family! I even added my English host mother on Skype!  And my English brother Jack, on Tuenti.  (The Spanish Facebook)  

I am taking piano lessons! And a few Ceramic Classes.  So far, I have made a decorative pot, a fruit plate, and a chip and guac platter...hmmmmmm how am I going to get this all home??  I am definitley going to need to send a box or something home.   Although, I leave things I brought from the States here.  I love the Spanish clothes here!  And the shoes.  

Funny story!  
So in CMC or Ciencias del Mundo Contemporaneo, the teacher starts talking about Genetic Engineering. He was explaining that not only does it work on plants, but we can engineer humans, too. This one kid named Alfonso, raises his hand. being absolutely serious and keeping a straight face says, "BUENO does this mean that we can create humans with super powers?"  I mean.... at least he was paying attention?  I'll give him props for that.  

In my new home we have a girl named Janja.  She is an Au pair.  Kind of like a nanny, kind of like a maid, she's a friend.  I love her so much.  She can speak a bunch of languages too.  Spanish, Italian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English.   

In Stamford


Old graveyard.  Stamford

Inside a Church.  Trying to be all Holy.  

Just saw a bunch of Expensive Cars.  Porche, Ashton Martin.  You know,  The usual.  This one, as many of you know, is a Bentley.  

Modeling again

Stamford is really tranquil.  Kind of boring.  I couldn't live there.

I'll upload more pictures from my trip to England in a Separate post.  


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