Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some more Random Yet Awesome Pics from London

Hey! Sorry, but these are the last of the pictures from London.   

Nothing too interesting has been going on lately.  I really want to go to Madrid for the Enrique Iglesias Concert and Barcelona just to visit. 

 It's starting to get really warm here.  I walk everyday to school.  It's such a nice walk listening to music  (I need to get pumped up everyday for school).  Seeing the beach everyday is quite surreal.  You might wonder how I manage to study with the beach and warm weather...Well, I don't know how to describe it but you get used to it.  I didn't understand it at first either.  

It's March 20th today.  I leave in 3 months and 9 days.  I feel like I have changed so much.  This journey has been very long and very interesting.  I have been with 3 families.  But now, I feel that everything is going to be alright.  Before, I was always on edge and was afraid that I was going to mess up at any moment.  I wasn't totally unhappy.  Both families in Sevilla did wonderful things for me.  But sometimes, after awhile, real personalities shine through.  Both sides have different philosophies of life.  AFS tells you that it's so uncommon to change.  But it seems to me that a lot of students have been changing.  It might be just this year, or they just tone down the truth.  I know at least 2 other girls who have had two other families and are living with a third.  You really need to be strong in order to be a foreign exchange student.  For example, I always get really nervous when I need to read in front of a class.  I mess up the words all the time.  It's bad when I try to read in English.  It's a little worse in Spanish.  I don't know why, but I just can't read smoothly.  So today the teacher was like, you need to improve your Castellano.  It wasn't helping that most of the students where talking or laughing.  Who knows.   That's life. 

I can't believe how many different places to which I have traveled.  London, Cambridge, Stamford, Peterborough, in England.  Sevilla, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga, (I hope Madrid and Barcelona) in Spain.  I went to Casablanca, Morocco.  We landed in Switzerland when we arrived to Europe.  You don't know how much I really want to go to Paris and Rome.  Oh well.  Another time.

Now I have to focus on College stuff.  I'd better go now.   Enjoy the pictures :)


Cool water fountain.

Touristy picture.

Love this store.

Nice effect, no?

Award winning Gay Bar in London.


Shrove day or "Pancake Day" in England  (Mardi Gras)

In the airport.   

What?  It was a long wait.  

Me, Alberto and Pedro

We went bowling our last day.

In London we went to a few museums.  


Natural History Museum  

That's a T-Rex behind me.

Raquel and Me

How cool is this kid?

Maggie, this one's for you.  BTW I didn't even get you the shirt.  Just the picture. hahaha

Oxford Circus Shopping!!!

Jesus and me.  

Jesus in Cambridge.  We went to lunch together with Pedro. 

Real artifacts 

Danny and Alfonso are interesting characters.

I know, I know, I know this is creepy.

Wait what?????? OH that's right!  The Olympics are this year.  

Sneek peek at the medals these Olympic Games 2012!

- Adios  :)

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