Monday, March 26, 2012

Un Procesión de Semana Santa


I went to downtown Malaga yesterday and experienced some really cool culture.  Semana Santa is less than 2 weeks away!  Everyone is so excited!  Semana Santa is celebrated extremely differently in Spain.  But Los Procesiones are more special in Andalucia.  Especially in Malaga and Sevilla.   Holy Week is much more intense. Usually there are processions everyday officially beginning Palm Sunday up until Easter Sunday.  The people carry statues of Mary, and Jesus on giant floats carried on the backs of men.  They are not pulled by a tractor - cough Wisconsin - which is pretty impressive to the average foreign onlooker.  Everyone is out on the street.  Talking and cheering when the Procesión comes by.  Don't be freaked out when you see marchers going by wearing garments reminiscent of the Klu Klux Klan.  The KKK-ish clothes are meant to represent people from Nazareth.  They are called "Nazareños"  and are not meant to send any type of offensive message.  They are religious fraternities or 'brotherhoods'  responsible for organizing the processions, Los costaleros, los musicos, los uniformes.  There is a lot of planning that goes into one single procession.  To them it's very sacred.  To the people it's very special.  To me it's sacred, mysterious, special, and it brings tears to my eyes.  

The men who actually carry the main floats are called "costaleros" and they are expected to carry these 'thrones' with grace and reverence.  The word costaleros derives from the word 'costal' which is a small special type of cushion used to protect los coltaleros from the wood gorging into their shoulders during the long processions.  They are highly respected.  Los Gitanos or the gypsies are also very famous for their versions of Semana Santa Procesiones.   I also saw one women candle bearer, treking it in 6 inch heels.  Only in Spain.  

Enjoy :)
Ps.  There are no Nazareños. 

Wax balls. There seriously was some good competition. 

All the wax dripping on the floor.  Most of it is there from years past.  Only in Spain would you see a bag of Pippas or sunflower seeds in the middle of a Semana Santa procession.

You could smell the sweet incense all around.  

Yes.  The streets are very small.  VERY SMALL.  It was crammed from wall to wall.

Jesus y la Virgin.  

I recorded this video. The music is very old and very typical.  I absolutely love it. Some musicos are better than others.  I went to a whole festival of this type of music in Sevilla.  I just adore Semana Santa and the music.  The energy it brings.  It really gives you a sense of appreciation.   Enjoy!

Unos ejemplos de los Nazareños:



- adios :)

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