Monday, September 19, 2011

Another post

Hola everyone!

My first day of school was hard hard hard.
Quite miserable is you ask me. 
FUTURE AFS STUDENTS!!!! Don't let that deter you in anyway.  
Thousands of kids each year, feel the way I felt.  At least I know a little bit of Spanish.
I can't imagine if I had to go to China or Thailand where I can't even say 'hi.'
But I just got home from the 3rd day of Spanish school and I’m feeling a lot better. 
A brand of hot-dogs here are quite interesting. They are like a BRIGHT pink. It's quite 
awful. My uncle owns a business that makes hotdogs, sausage, porklings, and 
all other sorts of wonderful meats. So I have REALLY high standards for my hotdogs. 
Haha oh well. 
But at least I had pizza the other night. I was dying without pizza. 
Then we got ice cream. But again, I am DYING without custard. Another thing that doesn't exist except for in good ol Wisconsin.
Well I guess the mid-western part. 
My Spanish?  I already feel that I have learned a few things. 
**********A big milestone for me: even though I make SOOOOOOO many mistakes, I feel less and less embarrassed to try to speak.**********
I like that. 

School was better.  I had to take an entrance test/quiz thing in English class
I was breezing through the thing.  I think it was British English,
because there were some crazy spelling of words.  Like mum and favourite instead
of mom and favorite. 
So I was bopping along, but then there was a conjugating
section.  I was like, um what?  I don't know how to conjugate the verb
"to tell!"
I know how to do it in Spanish because I have learned that my entire
 It was about a 3rd grade grammar quiz in America.  But here, it was like a SMART KID TEST.
But I guess when a Spanish speaking kid goes to America, he or she has the same opinion of our Spanish Classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in the bilingual part of my grade, so philosophy class is part English too.
I also think I bombed the entrance test/quiz thing in Physics/Chem because I don't
know science Spanish.  And there were words I didn't know. 
I did answer one part in English tho.  I HAD TO WRITE SOMTHING!

But no homework. We had two free periods.  One in modern science
and one in biology. When the teachers don't show, it's just no class. Its' nice.

At DSHA, when Mrs. Anderson (one of my favorite teachers) is absent, we sometimes have a sub and that just complicates things.

You know how we hate having a bunch of $1 bills?  Well I have a bunch of 1e coins.  Hahahaha. but they actually are VERY good for buying candy.  I love the candy here.

The pools are in meters here. So I have to swim a lot more.  ugh I hate meters.

I am keeping a list of the cute little differences between Spain and Wisconsin.  (America in general.)  I'll wait until I have a few more things noted.  Then I'll post that entry. I Think everyone will enjoy that one.

Love you all.


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