Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seeing a faint new pattern

I am in Sevilla now!!! It is exactly my type of city.

I wake up eat breakfast.  Lunch is a family affair todo los dias.

I haven´t seen the old town yet. 
I bought my first piece of spanish clothing.  A red shirt.  Apparently red is an important color to have for birthdays and the holidays.

I went swimming yesterday.  Yes lap swimming.  It was great to finally exercise.  Traveling is worth it, but you can´t exercise and then I feel fat, tired, and fatigued. 

I am a little sore because I am out of shape.  Practice wasa totally easy but I´ll have to stay in the lower level for a while,
1.  So I get in shape because if I move up a level with Javi (my host brother) I will die right now.  They swim REALLY fast!!!!! And they swim a lot.
2.  I need to understand more spanish.  It is hard for me to understand as it is but in an echo-ing place with everyone talking.  It is very hard to understand the coach.

We filled out all my school forms last night.  My host dad, and Marta (sister), and I went to the colegio this morning but We have to go back tomorrow. 
It was a little weird to see boys all over the place.  I meet my gym teacher. And el Director.  Or the PRINCIPAL. 
I think he is teaching one of my classes? Who knows.

I´ll post my schedule but It does have a mix of hard and easy classes.  I think I have to read Shakespeare this year.  I don´t know if I am in an advanced english class? Who knows. 

This is all a new experience. 

It is also funny to notice a few differences between the two countries.
1.  The American tv shows obviously have voice overs. I am watching Lizzie MaGuire but her voice sounds like she is 50 years old.  The voices do NOT sound age appropriate.  Except for Phineas Y Ferb.  The character voices sound correct. 
2.  They eat bread. LOTS OF BREAD.  I usually have toasted French Bread with EVOO every morning.
3.  All the windows have wrought iron bars.  My school literally looks like a prision.  Great.
4. They floors are all marble or concrete.  You will see small rugs here and there. But I have never seen  a carpeted room.
5.  The key boards are different.  they have weird keys. Some I can show you but others you´ll just have too see.  The Shift key is just an up arrow. They have these keys.  ñ ç ¿ ºa €

Ill post my pictures when everything can finally charge.


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