Monday, September 12, 2011

Move Along

Well it's been a week.
Just a week.
Long way to go. Many Adventures are still ahead of me.
This weekend we went to la playa in Cadiz.
It was nice.  Not as nude as Malaga.
Babies and toddlers are often naked.
Toddlers to 6 year old girls often wear a bottom but not a top. ummmm...........
And well, the women sometimes let it all show.  And some males like their ummm business so they wear itsy bitsy speedos.  Not a great look.  But it's a culture difference.  Everyone seems to be very comfortable in their own skin.  Good for them!!!

The Beach was beautiful. The sand was soft.  I took a walk with my host-mom down the beach.  And I went out and hung around with some kids a little younger than me at night.   I once stayed out til 12.45 and it was very nice not too worry about driving home.  Or a strict curfew.  City or family curfew.

The fashions I have noticed:
Yes, the women dress way nicer here.  A lot of height in the shoes.  But i haven't seen many stilettos.  A lot of wedges.  Some with cork.  Some with wood.  Some with rope.  Leather and canvas.  They are VERY in.  Also, gladiators and pretty strappy sandals.  Long skirts.  Nice tank tops.  Sunglasses.  Cross-body bags. YES THE MEN TOO.  It's a little different.  But hey! they Have to be stylin' too :)

I had an orientation in Old town Sevilla hoy.  I took many pictures.  But I'll be back and explore the city more.  It was  VERY hot today. very.  It sometimes gets to 43C or over 100.  That's common.  I get why all the floors are marble.  It keeps your feet cool and the room.

They eat so much bread.  Every meal usually has bread.  But it's REALLY good bread!!! love it.
The little Volkswagen beetles with little E.U license plates are cute.
The toilets flush fine. But you have to push a button  in the middle of the top.
The light switches are different too.  It's like a little plate that you flip? It's not a switch.  And the light switches are not very often to the right of the doorway when you enter in.  They are usually somewhere where I can't find them.  I still panic when i can't find the switch in the bathroom at home.  I wonder how long it will take to remember all the time.

Here are some pics.

The lighthouse in Cadiz

I forget the name for right now.  But it was the center in the 1929 world fair. In Sevilla.  

The flags!

The bull ring in Downtown Sevilla.

The beach in Cadiz.  Well one of the beaches.

Downtown Sevilla

The Cathedral in Sevilla

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