Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Quick Update

Guess who's taking 3 languages in school?
This chick.
Let's hope I will be tri-lingual by the end of the year :)

I have the classes:

- English (Umm easy? But my mom said that they speak in Spanish when they SHOULD speak in English [Just like when I am in Spanish class in America, we speak more English than Spanish!!!!!!!!])

- Castellana (Spanish) Like our English class.  They have to practice grammar and writing.  

- AND FRENCH. Great. I will have to translate from French, to Spanish, to English, Back to Spanish, to French. My brain will hurt. 

Last night we went to Cirque du Soleil!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the 1st night in Sevilla so they had FREE popcorn and drinks.  And free CHOCOLATE.  I think I took like 5 bars.  hahahaha. Well it WAS FREE :)  Of course they show was awesome! I held my breath for some parts.   Art with the human body.

I think we are going to a beach in Cadiz this weekend.  Ahh.  Relaxing before school starts on the 15th.

Tonight is Javi's birthday party. Many people are coming.  Hopefully they will speak slow for me.  


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