Saturday, September 3, 2011

¡¡¡Quiero estar en España!!!

¡Hola todo el mundo!! Estoy en España.  Estoy emocionada. 
I left Milwaukee at 8:00 on Tuesday.  I leaft with my friend Erika.  We had a connecting flight in Ohio to Nueva York.  Then we meet some kids in the airport and made our way over to the Double Tree hotel.  There, we all had to wait in a dinner room because our actual rooms were not ready.  But we all made friends quicklyy. 
After we all got our rooms, we had to share with another student, we had rest time until 6.  But it actually was not 6. Six o´clock was dinner. We had to be in the ballroom at 5. hahahahahaha
My roomate, ally and I, slept a little, cleaned up.  We never were told to be down at 5.  But we only missed the rules of the orientation and the hotel ;) 

1. No leaving the premises
2. No loudness in the halls, and rooms
3. Have respect for the leaders and everyone else
4. No drugs, drinking, or smoking (of any kind)

Pues...I made soooooooooo MANY wonderful friends.  I can´t believe i will not see most of them for 10 months :(  We are all over the country.  And I have never had a friend from New york, connetticut, California, and Kentucy! And now I do!

Grandma and Grandpa B, I also made a very good friend. And guess where she lives?????  IN SCOTTSDALE AZ !!! wow.  So I can see her when I visit you :)

So many things were said in orientation.  But I loved all the leaders.  Gordon was pretty much my favorite AFSer leader.  He was pretty funny.  He used the lingo of the teens. 

So we left for JFK at 5 for our 9 oclock flight! But it was just enough time!!!!!!! Man is that airport crowded all the time.  We had to check our bags in.  And get through security.  I had to check my carry on suitcase.  It is only supposed to be 8kg but it was 12 kgs!!!!!  (22lbs=8 and 26=12)  But the lady was nice and I did not have to pay a fee at all :) 

Then we waited in line for security for 40mins! Well, maybe about 45ish minutes after we got all the way through. 
Finally we had about 45 minutes to get somthing to eat.  I got a ceasar salad and a water.  But the guy in the back of my friend Chloe and I asked us where we were going...  We said the usual, Spain, A year, yes it is brave.....
Then we asked him where he was going, and he said Venice.  I said that I have been there and it is a lovely place.  We asked him why he was going and he said a film festival.  I asked him if he directed a film and he said that he was in a film.  It is called ¨SAL¨ and JAMES FRANCO directed it!!!!!!!!! wow.  HOW COOL IS THAT :)

We got on the flight.  7 or 8ish hours to Switzerland.  That is a lovely airport.  And if you can, take SWISS airlines.  They are the best stewardessess I have ever encountered. 

Well, we got to Madrid and went to the hostel.  We meet all the kids from around the world.  Pretty fun. 

Then we got our rooms..... DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY ROOM BOYS AND GIRLS......TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!???????? I was soo shocked. And there was a room with three boys and one girl.  She was fine. Everyone was fine. The only people a little shocked were the Americans.  hmmmm. I wonder about that :) 

Well I got on the bus today at 11.15
We took a stop at 14.30
We arived at 17.35

On the bus, I sat next to a girl who was from Switzerland.  She lived in America for 9 years, so she spoke Ingles.  But we meet here in the Swiss airport. 

We all tried to sleep.  But I am still jetlagged!!!! 

We all were talking about how nervous we were.  And excited when we all saw the city Malaga.  (My family and their parents have an apartment here.) Tomorrow is Sevilla.

When we saw our host families we all got squimesh and started screaming.  NOT with horror or anything like that, but ya know.. the Girly screams. 

I got off.  I kiss kissed my mom,sister,brother.and dad.  I kiss kissed my friends goodbye!! And we came to the apartment:) So here I am, practically falling over with exauhstion.  I can´t spell right.  And this post is long .  its 23.15 about 11.15 and more than half the family is still dancing at the club.  OH the nightlife. 

I miss everyone.  And my spanish is very minimal, but I have been promised that I will learn quickly.  GOD, I HOPE SO.  Ojala. 
Buenas noches America.


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